Kate - MAY 2020

I immediately felt an amazing vibe from you. I've never done anything like this and felt directed to take this path with you. Our session today had me a little anxious at first as social situations tend to do to me, but you immediately made me feel comfortable - thank you. During our session I genuinely undeniably felt things directly in line with what you were saying, id resonate so much id get those chills. I was/am literally able to feel a block releasing, thanks to you. I am ever so grateful to of found you on this spiritual journey of healing and waking up. From my heart, thank you and so much love to you! I am looking forward to another session. I highly recommend her. 



I cannot put into words how gifted and special Tessila Faith is. The amount of insight and direction she gave me on our session lifted my spirits, along with my heart and mind. I feel so overwhelmed with the love and care that she shows. No matter what you want to know or feel Tessila will take into consideration what you need to know and what is best for you. Her readings are so personal and tailored to suit you not like a code reading. I have had many readings and Tessila is one of a kind. The Love from her is evident. She is one of a kind. 


ANA - June 2020

Over the course of about 5 - 6 months or so I've had the pleasure of following Miss Tessila Faith on Instagram. In following her I've observed and felt the highest of vibrations and love through her page. I decided it was time to schedule a reading. The first was an Angel Oracle Card reading and the second was the Medium Services. First, I am so thankful she does not rush the Angels or the Spirits and is not completely confined by our earthly timetable. 

She is lovely, full of Love and Light. There is no way for her to personally know what the Angels and Spirits revealed. For the Present, it was so perfectly on Point and accurate...gives me the chills thinking about it. As for the future, stay tuned for some great things coming.

Highly Recommend. 

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