What started Journey to Yahweh?

Updated: May 3

A few years ago I decided I wanted to start a healing business based around the aspects of God, and the Soul. I came up with the concept of traveling through life upwards back to God. Thus a journey to Yahweh. I think this was one of those times that Divine Guidance was coming through, unbeknownst to me.

I had remembered Yahweh as a name meant for God, but what did it mean? At least it sounded unique. I decided I needed to look up exactly what Yahweh meant if I was to be using it as a Source name. I dug around only to come across the fact that Yahweh meant - I Am. I truly didn't catch the concept of what the - I Am - was going to mean to me till later 2017.

Now, I truly have to say that this was meant to come into play and manifest into the business I have today with healing others in the unique way I can.“Yahweh” is the Hebrew word for, I Am. Journey To Yahweh literally means the "Journey to I Am".When you were created you were designed in the likeness of God, and this is what 99% of the population doesn’t understand.

As he IS, therefore you ARE.Completely.So what is the Likeness of God? God is unconditional Love, complete Joy, simple Happiness, absolute Peace, never-ending Abundance....etc. He simply is.“I Am that I Am”.(Such a powerful statement)Each one of you decided to come down to earth for a learning experience and you entered into physical bodies to spend time in what you call “life”.

Once you enter this - Time and Space - known as the - Now -, all you ever knew beforehand is blocked so that you can live a life designed to teach yourself lessons. We are here to experience and overcome. It’s a chance to overcome the world with its challenges and negativity. During this time you grow spiritually and elevate your consciousness throughout the muddle of negativity.