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Updated: May 3

An awakening is when you realize

You are not apart, separated, or below from,

The Creator. Source. God.

And you are connected to everyone, with everything serving a purpose for a higher good.

It isn’t about Religion.

-Who’s going where.

-Who’s living the most perfectly.

It isn’t about Spirituality.

-Who’s living the highest vibration.

-Who has less of an ego.

It’s about Love.

Simply and purely.





I do not claim a religion, nor do I claim I’m spiritual.

I am simply a messenger of Love.

I need people to understand life is about coming back to the core of who we are.

Without the attachments and labels, we put on ourselves.

If all I can do is be a beacon of Love for others to flock to and take a piece of, then my goal is met.

My Purpose is fulfilled and I can die happily.

You Are Love.

You Are Important.


Magic is simply understanding the power of your mind.

And when they decide to make fun of you,

Know this, they are afraid of your power.

Afraid of what you can do.

Afraid of who you are, and who you will become.

You are Infinite, and the Creator of your destiny.

Knowing no bounds.

You simply are



A Mind is a powerful tool and when used correctly, can know no bounds.

- Tessila


The scariest change brings about the most profound results in healing.


I don't mind working one on one with clients, but it's not what I want.

Not really deep down.

I want to look out across a room and see not hundreds of people but thousands before me.

To gain a high from the energy shift in the room, and to feel the power of the emotions being impacted,

that is the goal.

Every day.

That is my dream.


What can a man teach, if he at first has not the wisdom of experience?

- Tessila

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