Peaceful Thinking

I was really struggling for a while over the recurring negative situations in my life. I mean, I was getting to the point of wanting to shut my own mind down, anyway I could. I knew I was creating the situations but had lost control on how to change it and move on. Life can get to you at times and really make it impossible to think positive. Most healers will tell you that whats in your mind will manifest itself into your daily life, including me. But! what they don't tell you about is the daily moment to moment struggle of releasing the negative thoughts and forcing yourself to think positive. Many of us have a safety in our thoughts, a feeling of control and self justification to hold onto a continuous spiral. Its as if we feel that we will eventually win without having to change anything outside of the same negative pattern. Which never works. Take it from me and my own personal experience, you literally have to block the spiraling negative attracting thoughts. It is probably the most mentally and emotionally straining thing to do. At first. You have to step outside of your comfort zone, block the thoughts, make yourself stop for one minute, and give it up. Just Do It. Literally. Just stop thinking the negative thoughts and drop it. Let it go. Break the bad habit. It takes time and trust me its rough going, but all habits noticed is the first step.

You can do it. I physically have to stop everything, mentally think about the positive opposite of what I want, and emotionally begin to release the energy. Nothing is worth disrupting my inner peace as I decide who and how I want to be. The trick is to switch it around to what you want, what you want to hear, feel, see, do and so on. Have enough faith in yourself and believe that the choice you make to change your thinking, even once, will being to build the foundation you seek to a peaceful life. The more calm the mind, The more peaceful the life. The quicker you catch yourself in the down hill thought process, the quicker the release. You wont fight so hard to move on and let go. It wont matter to you and your happiness. You'll know you have matured and broken the bad habit when one day notice you haven't been angry, annoyed, or ticked by the smallest of anything. In fact you cant remember the last time you were upset or had a negative feeling. You can and will become the person you seek. It takes time, It takes effort. Remember you are doing this for you, as you can only help or change you.Bottom line, you create your inner peace no matter what. - Tessila