Are You Happy?

Updated: May 3

I mean are you really truly happy?

Deep down you can smile at all life throws at you?

You wake up in the morning excited to be alive?

You know that no matter what happens you are at peace with yourself and nothing can take that away?

Or are you treading through life in a slow mundane way trying to figure it all out?

Perhaps slowly slipping into a depression and maybe even hatred at the way life is for you.

We all have the absolute right to do exactly what makes us happy. There is not one reason why you should sit back and have misery just for the demanding of a relationship, job, and so on.

You were meant to come to this earth to create, experience, and overcome. All the while living your life exactly as you please. The way YOU please. I can't say it any more clear.

Now if you truly want to do as you are currently doing. By all means, continue.

Happy or Not that is your right.