Are You Happy?

Updated: May 3

I mean are you really truly happy?

Deep down you can smile at all life throws at you?

You wake up in the morning excited to be alive?

You know that no matter what happens you are at peace with yourself and nothing can take that away?

Or are you treading through life in a slow mundane way trying to figure it all out?

Perhaps slowly slipping into a depression and maybe even hatred at the way life is for you.

We all have the absolute right to do exactly what makes us happy. There is not one reason why you should sit back and have misery just for the demanding of a relationship, job, and so on.

You were meant to come to this earth to create, experience, and overcome. All the while living your life exactly as you please. The way YOU please. I can't say it any more clear.

Now if you truly want to do as you are currently doing. By all means, continue.

Happy or Not that is your right.

When you are truly happy life flows. There may be bumps along the road, but you can smooth them out much faster with a positive attitude than you can be worried about.

ll into place and the next step arrives faster than the last. No one can make you happy. No One.

Really take this to heart and grasp the concept of it not being selfish, but putting yourself first. No one else will. With that in mind, does it make sense now as to why you are still in that crappy job when you love to Paint?

I will be thinking real hard at following that passion of painting, getting my social media up, and selling my art. Or perhaps you are in a stagnate relationship and stay for religious reasons?

This unhappiness can sometimes be harder to grasp because of the family aspect. I for one can say that people grow apart because the lessons have been learned. It's ok to move on, It's ok to simply pick Happiness. It's not selfish. It's growing. It's healing, It's mind-opening.

Overall, in the end, happiness does everyone good. From my own experience, I promise.

I understand completely wanting to not stir the pot, due to being scared of stepping out alone or causing some drama. Someone always has an opinion, and it can sometimes waver a decision. Especially if you are still struggling to understand yourself.

Maybe you also have the fear of not actually completing what you started.

Or quitting that job and ending up failing completely.

I have been there too. It's scary.

But!! You can not fail at being you and doing what you are meant to.

There is no way. There is only the small human Ego that gets in the way.

You have the choice to either make the change or not.

Either decision is still a choice.

Let me also add that I have stepped out, juggling a full-time job and doing all of this full-time. I absolutely love it.

Now I do I eventually want to do my speaking and writing full time.... and I think that is coming up closer than I realize. I am so excited.

You can do whatever you want.

Jump for all I care. Dive in. Explore. Release the real you.

I really want to see everyone follow their passions, or simply get away from the negative that weighs down on their hearts and lives.

Whatever the choice I promise you will be a better person for it, look back, and ask, "Why Didn't I do this before. "

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