Am I Really Loved?

Updated: May 3

You always have been. But, if you haven't been truly told that, you wouldn't know. First off let me say that I didn't understand I was loved either. I mean not outside of working for it constantly and most of the time coming up short.

This was a few years ago and I was coming out of a bad divorce. I was in need to really feel as if I was worth something to someone. I was in desperate need of help at one point and sought out a Healer. We talked for quite a while and on my way out she simply said, "You Are Loved."

OK, so yeah. We all hear those words. We all hear them within different scenarios. Most of the time we get to a point where we will do almost everything to catch that feeling of "love".But, how many of you have actually heard those words in a pure form coming from a complete stranger who has nothing to gain from you? I sure hadn't.

I remember standing in her driveway trying to find the right words to say... (I mean really, do you say "I love you" back or what.....?) I started to tear up instead, gave her a weak smile, and said thank you. I walked away changed but not knowing by how much. Her making that statement by far has had the biggest impact on my life.

I mean, I didn't do or say anything to earn that..... So how did she know I was deserving of this?

It was because she, herself, had found the truth and was willing to show me the same truth before I left her home that day.

It made me realize over the course of a few years that I was allowed to accept myself and be Loved without needing to hear it from the world. The truth was I was already Loved far beyond what any human here on this earth could ever let me experience.

But, I had to be reminded of this fact, so simple but so important. Reminded first of the truth that we are all from the same mold, and no one person or experience can take that original FORM from you.

We are created as Source is, pulled from a mold of all things Pure. Such as Love, Happiness, Hope, Peace, etc. We already are what we need to be the ultimate best of us, completely Loved, and utterly Happy..... It's all inside. It's already You.

With this truth I was able to now heal over time, accept myself as being worthy of this love and open up to the 'me' meant to be. Me that was here to make an impact in whatever way I was meant to. The potential was already there for me but was hidden because I had my own transformation to bring forward.

My own Healing to overcome. We all have to learn some sort of lesson before we can go around teaching... don't you think?

The changing didn't happen right away and this is the part most people find hard to grab a hold of. You have to tell yourself these positive affirmations. You have to feel. You have to believe them.

You are basically realigning yourself back to your original mold. You have to work at it. Removing years of blockages and teachings that take you from your true self. You have to remove the clutter and dirt in your life from the lies, hurt, pain, and confusion before this realization can come about.

Repetition and self-talk work to change the thoughts you have been programmed to believe are correct. Eventually bringing about the change needed to transform a belief and heal the emotion. It takes time. It takes patience. I'm not 100% there, and I've been at it for a few years.

You already are on the right path if you are reading this or even reading/listening to what I have to say daily to you. The impact of reading one line or hearing that same line of "You Are..." "I Am..." is already making a change within you.

I am Loved. You are Loved. You already are Love. You already are all that you seek. You just needed to be reminded.

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