Am I Enough?

Updated: May 3

Am I really enough in this day-to-day travel we call life?

I mean what makes me enough...?

My attitude, My lifestyle, Who do I meet?

Quite frankly, what makes you enough, is based on what you accept yourself to be.

If you have never been told that the inner core of who you are is enough, you'll keep seeking the world around and around for the empty worldly baseline to fill the void of something you already possess, 100 percent.

You may even go about changing what you perceive to be "enough" so that you'll accept yourself, or hope others will. Sadly, this is always a concept that is changed by how the world changes, it's never even close to the peaceful feeling you have when you align to the real true you.

But in reality, we are enough just as we are.

You are enough because you chose to be here to experience life.

I'd be damned if someone was going to try and tell me I wasn't enough in who I was.

'Course I wasn't always that way. It took me years to come out of the struggle and into who I am now. I've accepted. 100% now. It's a powerful feeling and I often feel I c