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Updated: May 3

I recently decided to add the Affirmation videos to my collection of YouTube videos for the health and benefit of others. I want to provide something unique and put together from my own research. I use to spend hours trying to find the perfect video.

I was specific with the music, words, tones, and healing frequencies. I needed it all to line up to give me the ultimate healing potential. I didn't find anything to my specific liking so I decided to create my own. The more I pursued this avenue of video creating the more I realized how much I loved it.

I wanted to focus on what I had learned in years of research and studying. I knew I wanted to heal others but I wanted to do so in a massively impactful way. YouTube seemed the best bet. Not only that but I had been wanting to start an online following and grow a business on YouTube. I figured this being what I loved to do, Why not?

I started first by pinpointing what it was I wanted to do to reach the masses. Creative videos? Teaching a few spiritual lessons? Healing videos using Reiki? Then it dawned on me, Affirmation Videos.

I had already had the idea of writing said Affirmation books, so why not use my voice and knowledge to create the best healing video I knew was out there? That isn't even a bragging statement.

I quite literally researched every single aspect of these videos.

1. The photos bring a calming, serene, catch your eye reaction. Although I didn't create videos to go with the recordings. You should be listening to these with your eyes closed... So I didn't want to waste a lot of focus on creating something you weren't going to be watching.

2. The music was created and sold by Lori Cunningham as a royalty-free track. I fell in love with it the second I heard it. It has a certain frequency that is considered the "Healing" frequency, 432 Hz. I promise the tone is there if you remove the actual music, But I promise it isn't the most comfortable tone to be listening to without the music.

The music itself had a mesmerizing effect and it was almost addictive. I wanted to keep listening over and over. Along with the frequency is a "beat" or what is known as Isochronic Tones. These tones stimulate the brain leaving a stronger impression on the brain.

I find them to be a bit more calming and relaxing than the well-known Binaural Beats. The added positive aspect is that you don't have to use headphones. I love to listening to these when I go to bed and the headphones use to leave me with achy ears.

3. Subconscious training or subliminal messaging can happen at any point during a day or night. It's everywhere. We are sponges for the world around us. Molding us into who we are. Positive and negative. With this particular Track, you will go from the Alpha waves, gently down to the Theta, and then be put to sleep with the Delta waves.

The mind is the most receptive when under Theta. To me, it was most important to make sure all my Videos offered this wave. I wanted to again make sure I was maximizing your healing benefits.

4. The words are picked for basic reprogramming. The more simple the phrase the better. With the repetition of these recordings, you will begin to speak these words, think these words, begin to believe these words, and thus feel the emotion from these words.

The whole point is to change the subconscious mind back to your original blueprint. Once you begin to create the new habits from these videos, the words become you. You begin to Believe you are Loved. You feel Loved. You know you are Loved.

From this change comes the Vibrational Attraction. You cannot attract what you do not feel. Speaking a Affirmations is one of the most powerful and beneficial ways to create and program the new you. Hearing them is the next best.

I offer you these videos but encourage you to speak these same Affirmations to yourself. If you feel loved, You will attract more of the love you seek. It's all a huge circle of healing and conscious awareness.

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