Affirmation Videos

Updated: May 3

I recently decided to add the Affirmation videos to my collection of YouTube videos for the health and benefit of others. I want to provide something unique and put together from my own research. I use to spend hours trying to find the perfect video.

I was specific with the music, words, tones, and healing frequencies. I needed it all to line up to give me the ultimate healing potential. I didn't find anything to my specific liking so I decided to create my own. The more I pursued this avenue of video creating the more I realized how much I loved it.

I wanted to focus on what I had learned in years of research and studying. I knew I wanted to heal others but I wanted to do so in a massively impactful way. YouTube seemed the best bet. Not only that but I had been wanting to start an online following and grow a business on YouTube. I figured this being what I loved to do, Why not?

I started first by pinpointing what it was I wanted to do to reach the masses. Creative videos? Teaching a few spiritual lessons? Healing videos using Reiki? Then it dawned on me, Affirmation Videos.

I had already had the idea of writing said Affirmation books, so why not use my voice and knowledge to create the best healing video I knew was out there? That isn't even a bragging statement.

I quite literally researched every single aspect of these videos.

1. The photos bring a calming, serene, catch your eye reaction. Although I didn't create videos to go with the recordings. You should be listening to these with your eyes closed... So I didn't want to waste a lot of focus on creating something you weren't going to be watching.