A few years ago I decided I wanted to start a healing business centered around the aspects of "GOD" and the Soul. I came up with the concept of traveling through life upwards back to "GOD". Back to who we already are.

Thus a Journey to I Am.

I think this was one of those times that my Lifes Purpose was coming through, unbeknownst to me.

I had remembered Yahweh as a name meant for "GOD", but what did it mean?

At least it sounded unique.

I decided I needed to look up exactly what Yahweh meant if I was to be using it as a business name.

I dug around only to come across the fact that Yahweh meant - I Am.

I truly didn't catch the concept of what the - I Am - was going to mean to me till later 2017.

Now, I truly have to say that this was meant to come into play and manifest into the business I have today with healing others in

the unique way I can.

“Yahweh” is the Hebrew word for, I Am.

Journey To Yahweh literally means the "Journey to I Am".


When you were created you were designed in the likeness of "GOD", and this is what 99% of the population doesn’t understand.

As "GOD" IS, therefore you ARE.



So what is the Likeness of "GOD"?

"GOD" is unconditional Love, complete Joy, simple Happiness, absolute Peace, never-ending Abundance....etc.

"GOD" simply is.

“I Am that I Am”.


(Such a powerful statement)

Each one of you decided to come down to earth for a learning experience and you entered into physical bodies to spend time in what you call “life”.

Once you enter this - Time and Space - known as the - Now -, all you ever knew beforehand is blocked so that you can live a life designed to teach yourself lessons.

We are here to experience and overcome. 

It’s a chance to overcome the world with its challenges and negativity. During this time you grow spiritually and elevate your consciousness throughout the muddle of negativity. This is pretty much the main goal of living down here for the period of time we choose. Placed simply to let you experience.

Other than that, we are here to enjoy life and use our minds to their fullest potentials.

So why do most people go around feeling as if they lack in all areas?

They may feel they are not loved?

Or perhaps a part of themselves isn't good enough?

If you haven't noticed, Happiness tends to be a common lack in most humans today.

From the time of birth, you are molded to think, feel and act according to what is acceptable.

In these beliefs, you have religion, culture, and personal family life that have a huge impact on how you are to think, feel, and act like an adult.

You condition yourselves to fit into the world as it is, rather than stand out and be as you were meant to be. You forget that you are pure at birth and meant to be as you were created.

Which is of pure Love, Happiness, and so on.

Everything is made up of a vibration that connects to you and molds you as you are today.

The positive vibrations elevate the  "Who You Really Are" and the negative are simply an experience. Overcome these and the real you will emerge. 

These negative beliefs or vibrations are called “Limiting Beliefs”.

Thus creating the emptiness in most humans, as we search for what was lacking in the beginning.

i. e. happiness in materialistic things, or other relationships

-if I look this way, I'll be loved

-when I have this money, I will be noticed

These beliefs go against the very core of who you are.

Also going against how you were created first hand and meant to be.

You have to go back and recreate the foundation of beliefs that built you up as you are today.

Thus taking you back before the conditioning to get a solid foundation.

Basically, you have to go back to who you are, always were, and bring out of the dark the truths you know of yourself. 

There happen to be many, many paths to the healing process, but the first step is being aware of this truth and accepting it.

Once you grasp this truth, you take the first step towards healing and drop the blocks that hold you back.

You begin to live up to your fullest potential.

How is this done?

By removing the Limiting Beliefs instantly. 

Subconscious videos work, over time. 

Commands mad to the Subconscious through this source of e=nergy as to which you were created, happens in an instant. 

"Guilt, anger, resentment, sorrow, hurt, turmoil, depression, unhappiness, even illness, injury, and all other forms of physical, emotional, and mental negativity are strictly and solely earthly experiences." - Sylvia Browne - taken from her book, 'Visits from the Afterlife.

You are not missing a single piece of what is needed to make your life as you dream of.

You simply need to be shown how to incorporate the foundational supports you lack.


(How can you NOT become the best you, especially when you have all that is needed to be that person already build in?)


This is called having Awareness.

For those who seek pure Love.

•I am Love.

Everyone seeking true Happiness.

•I am Happy.

For the inner Peace, we all long for.

•I am Enough.

Each one of these statements rebuilds the true you, the true likeness of "GOD", pushing away the emptiness you once felt.

I feel it is my Lifes Purpose to remind you. 

"GOD", the I Am, is Love, and the like.

You were created in his likeness.

Therefore "I Am Love", is who you are.

Thus the Journey to I Am.


For more information concerning the name, YAHWEH, and its history, check out my Blog!